We are a Charity (currently unregisterd but working on that!) and we LOVE donations!

We will use donations to help people get equipment that currently, they are unable to via other means. We have processes in place to ensure all funds are accounted for and spent through the proper channels. If you have any questions around this then please drop us a line via the Contact Us page.

How to Donate?

Currently we have a number of ways to donate.

For electronic donations we accept:

  1. PayPal - Just use our email address (which can be found everywhere on the site) and send us whatever you can. It would be great if you can include a narrative so we can trace the donation
  2. Bank Transfers - we currently have a Community Bank Account with NatWest. Details of which can be given out if you drop us an email via the Contact Us page (it wouldn't be secure to post the details online ?)


  1. Collection Tins - we will have our collections tins dotted throughout the community. We will update our blog with what these look like shortly. They will also be at all of our events
  2. Cardboard Change Boxes - we will be giving out cardboard change boxes. Again using the blog to show you what they look like. These can be used primarily at home and handed into to one of the Committee Members when bursting with change 🙂

As and when we have new ways of how you can donate, we will update the blog and site.